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      Directions: There are 20 blanks in the follomarked A), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

      The United States is well-known for its network of major highways designed to help a driver get from one place to another in the shortest possible time. __71__ these wide modern Roads are generally __72__ and well maintained, with __73__ sharp curves and many straight __74__, a direct route is not always the most __75__ one. Large highways often pass __76__ scenic areas and interesting small towns. Furthermore, these highways generally __77__ large urban centres which means that they become crowded with __78__ traffic during rush hours, __79__ the “fast, direct” way becomes a very slow route.

      However, there is __80__ always another route to take __81__ you are not in a hurry. Not far from the __82__ new “superhighways”, there are often older, __83__ heavily traveled roads which go through the countryside. __84__ of these are good two-lane (雙車道) roads; others are uneven roads __85__ through the country. These secondary routes may go up steep slopes, along high __86__, or down frightening hillsides to towns __87__ in deep valleys. Through these less direct routes, longer and slower, they generally go to places __88__ the air is clean and the scenery (風景) is beautiful, and the driver may have a __89__ to get a fresh, clean __90__ of the world.

      71. A) Although B) Because C) Since D) Therefore
      72. A) stable B) splendid C) smooth D) complicated
      73. A) little B) few C) much D) many
      74. A) selections B) separations C) series D) sections
      75. A) terrible B) possible C) enjoyable D) profitable
      76. A) to B) into C) over D) by
      77. A) lead B) connect C) collect D) communicate
      78. A) large B) fast C) light D) heavy
      79. A) when B) for C) but D) that
      80. A) yet B) still C) almost D) quite
      81. A) unless B) if C) as D) since
      82. A) relatively B) regularly C) respectively D) reasonably
      83. A) and B) less C) more D) or
      84. A) All B) Several C) Lots D) or
      85. A) driving B) crossing C) curving D) traveling
      86. A) rocks B) cliffs C) roads D) paths
      87. A) lying B) laying C) laid D) lied
      88. A) there B) when C) which D) where
      89. A) space B) period C) chance D) spot
      90. A) view B) variety C) visit D) virtue

      71-75 ACBDC 76-80 DBDAC 81-85 BABDC 86-90 BADCC

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