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      大學英語四級考試沖刺模擬試卷 第3套(寫作)


      Part Ⅰ Writing
      Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Buying and Selling Stocks as a Student. You should write at least 150 words following the outline given below:
      1. 在校大學生炒股的現象在一些地方很普遍
      2. 有人認為這種行為不利于學生的學習,也有人認為這種行為能讓學生有所收獲
      3. 你的觀點

      Buying and Selling Stocks as a Student


      Buying and Selling Stocks as a Student
      At present, there are many students engaged in buying and selling stocks. Some of them are equipped with updated device so as to get the latest information and seize golden chances for transaction.
      People's opinions vary on this issue. The reasons why some people oppose it are as follows. For one thing, students have to sacrifice their learning hours to focus on stocks, only to fail in exams. For another, students are too inexperienced to make wise investment. Some spend their tuition on stocks. If they fail, they will be under massive financial pressure. But then, supporters believe that stock exchange is a good way to improve students' ability to manage money as well as a precious chance to put theory into practice.
      To my mind, in a world of opportunities and challenges, the stock exchange should not be a forbidden place for college students. Meanwhile, what they must keep in mind is learning first, for knowledge is most valuable.

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