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      真題:Due Attention Should Be Given To Spelling

      1. 如今不少學生在英語(論壇)學習中不重視拼寫,
      2. 出現這種現象的原因是…
      3. 為了改變這種狀況,我認為….


      Due Attention Should Be Given To Spelling

      Nowadays, students attach less importance to the spelling of words in the process of English study. This phenomenon greatly influences students’ writing and brings on worries among teachers.

      There are possibly three reasons contributing to this phenomenon. First, exam-oriented education makes the students pay less attention to spelling. Second, some teachers should also be responsible for it because they don’t emphasize the importance of spelling during teaching. Last but not least, some students are too lazy to recite words.

      Since spelling is one of the most important factors in English study, due attention should be given to it. As for me, I think, first, exams should be modified to add some factors into it, which would help students pay more attention to spelling. Then, schools should www.f5815.com mechanisms to help teachers as well as the students to realize the importance. Finally, for students themselves, they can, through other ways, make them be interested in word spelling. Only by these can we surly realize the importance of spelling and make improvement.

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