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      Part Ⅰ Writing (30 minutes)

      Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled The www.f5815.com Getting Certificates www.f5815.com should write at least 150 words following the outline given below.


      The www.f5815.com Getting Certificates on Campus


      Part ⅠWriting


      The www.f5815.com Getting Certificates on Campus

      ①Currently, getting certificates is quite popular on campus. The advertisements for training schools occupy a large proportion of the bulletin board, and booksellers fill their shelves with many reference books. And eager students spare their money and time for these courses and books.

      ②There are several advantages in this matter. The biggest one is that with more certificates, students are accessible to more and better job opportunities. Besides, they can make more contacts with the outside world in the course of getting certificates.③However, every coin has two sides. The pursuit of certificates is no exception. Some students believe that ④the more certificates, the better.⑤One can hardly make progress this way, but can become bookish easily. Some of them even neglect their routine learning in the process of getting certificates.

      From my viewpoint, certificates certify students’ previous efforts. ⑥But whether these pieces of paper can benefit students or not, depends on what they have really gained. Therefore, before dazzling choices, we must have a clear attitude and scientific strategy, and then certificates are beneficial.


      ②首先論述其優點,并用了一些連接詞表明句與句之間的關系。該部分的結構是There are several advantages...The biggest one ...Besides,...。


      ④The +形容詞比較級,the +形容詞比較級,表示“越…,越…”。學會使用這種結構能讓文章增色不少。


      ⑥本句結構whether...or not 引出本文觀點。

      版權所有:英語四級考試網 www.www.f5815.com,轉載請注明來源。