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      Part I Writing (30 minutes)
      Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled “How to Conduct Patriotic Education Among www.f5815.com Today”. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below in Chinese:

      1. 我國愛國主義教育的現狀;
      2. 愛國主義教育的重要意義;
      3. 如何在青少年中開展愛國主義教育?

      Part I Writing

      One possible version:
      How to Conduct Patriotic Education Among www.f5815.com Today 
      These years have seen a widespread neglect of patriotic education in our society. According to some official reports, many patriotic education www.f5815.com been closed down or kept open to the public for other more profitable purposes, while many of our national heroes have given way to today’s pop stars in youth’s minds. If this current is allowed to www.f5815.com, I am afraid, things are bound to turn for the worse, with less and less sense of patriotism left in the youth.
      The significance of patriotic education to our society can be seen from the following perspectives: Patriotic education can make youth more aware of the glorious history and culture of our nation, thus building up their sense of pride as Chinese. Furthermore, patriotic education helps youth value today’s hard-earned life so as to hold dearer their golden chances of enriching themselves with knowledge in peace.
      So the most pressing issue for us now is how to effectively instill patriotism in the youth of today. In my opinion, the first step should be focused upon giving fuller play to the potential of patriotic education centers instead of running them for the purpose of making money. Then, greater efforts must be made to integrate patriotic education into the curriculums throughout a student’s education. In short, where there is effective patriotic education of youth, there is a greater enhancement of national cohesion.


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