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      2009.6 英語四級考試試卷(聽力A,文字版)


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      Part III Listening Comprehension (35 minutes)

      Section A


      11. A) She expected more people at her party.
      B) She enjoys entertaining small children.
      C) She threw a surprise party for her friend.
      D) She has always enjoyed great popularity.

      12. A) They are not used to living in a cold place.
      B) They feel lucky to live in Florida.
      C) They are going to have a holiday.
      D) They have not booked their air tickets yet.

      13. A) He was pleased to get the medal.
      B) He was very courageous.
      C) He used to be a firefighter.
      D) He was accused of causing a fire.

      14. A) Make a profitable investment.
      B) Buy a new washing machine.
      C) Get parts for the machine from Japan.
      D) Have the old washing machine fixed.

      15. A) He is pleased with his exciting new job.
      B) He finds the huge workload unbearable.
      C) He finds his office much too big for him.
      D) He is not to excited about his new position.

      16. A) The woman is going to hold a big party tomorrow.
      B) The man has no idea what the right thing to do is.
      C) The woman doesn’t know how to get to the party.
      D) The man offers to drive the woman to the party.

      17. A) Drawing up a business plan.
      B) Discussing a term paper.
      C) Finalizing a contract.
      D) Reviewing a co-authored article.

      18. A) She ordered some paper.
      B) She had the printer repaired.
      C) She chatted online with a friend.
      D) She filled in an application form.

      Questions 19 to 22 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

      19. A) His health is getting worse.
      B) He can no longer work at sea.
      C) His past life upsets him a good deal.
      D) He has not got the expected pension.

      20. A) She passed away years ago.
      B) She used to work as a model.
      C) She has been working at a clinic.
      D) She has been seriously It for years.

      21. A) She has made lots of money as a doctor.
      B) She is going to take care of her old dad.
      C) She has never got on with her father.
      D) She is kind and generous by nature.

      22. A) Ho dines out with his wife every weekend.
      B) He is excellent but looks bad-tempered.
      C) He does not care about his appearance.
      D) He is not quite popular with his patients.

      Questions 23 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

      23. A) The man has sent the order to the woman by mistake.
      B) Some of the telephone systems don’t work properly.
      C) Some of the packs do not contain any manuals.
      D) The quality of the goods is not up to the standard.

      24. A) Send a service engineer to do the repairs.
      B) Consult her boss about the best solution.
      C) Pass the man’s order to the right person.
      D) Solve the problem at her company’s cost.

      25. A) ideal.
      B) Temporary.
      C) Partial.
      D) Creative.


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