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      要強調一下,CET6考圖表作文的幾率大,CET4考記敘文的概率大。這個主流要先 說明的。我不押題,但我押框架www.f5815.com架供大家參考,考慮到大部分朋友都時間有限,所以我盡量把框架的字寫多點。怕撞車的朋友,可以在各篇文章中挑幾句重新排列組合。


      As is described in the bar chart,(圖表的總述).Figures indicate that(趨勢1),and(趨勢2)。

      There are at least three good reasons for(圖表總述的另一個種表達)。

      In the first place,it is generally assumed that(理由一)。Secondly,wit h the open and reform policy being carried out,(某個短語)has a great in fluence on(原因)。Last but not least,today an increasing number of people are realizing that(某個原因的重要性 )。Maybe there are some other reasons to show(圖表述第三種表達),but it is generally believed that the above mentioned reasons are commonly acceptable.

      From this point of view,it goes without saying that(措施)。We are looking forward to a much better and brighter future.


      圖表式作文帶數字比較,并希望提出建議的作文 (2)

      As is depicted in the cartoon,(圖表的總述)。For one thing,(趨勢一)。For another,(趨勢2)。It is interesting to note that(趨勢三)。

      My suggestions to tackle the problem are as follows.First of all,with the rapid development of science and technology,an increasing number of people come to realize that(意見一),this is because(原因)。Secondly,(意見二)。Therefore,we should attach great significance to solving the problem.

      As far as I’m concerned,it is high time that (某個組織或人)must make intensive efforts to(采取什么行動)。Although we still have a long way to go,I am sure that tomorrow will be much better and brighter.



      It is generally believed that (事件)is a hot topic which is widely talked about at home and abroad.Some people think that(想法一)。Others argue that(想法二)。Still others assert that(想法三)。

      As a popular saying goes"Everything has two sides".There is no denying that(什么had contributions to什么)。But it is partial to stress only one side. we should debate the matter pro and con.Though(什么好的事情已經發生), they are responsible for a lot of(不好的事情)。From what I have mentioned above we can see clearly that(結論)。

      In short,we should keep in mind that(全文的結論)。We are looking forw arding to a promising future.


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