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      本站整理2002年6月17日最后一次全國大學英語四級考試舊題真題試卷及參考答案,供考友在線練習,如需轉載請注明來源及鏈接:“英語四級考試網 www.www.f5815.com”。

      A) They went a long way to attend the party.
      B) They didn't think much of the food and drinks.
      C) They knew none of the other guests at the party.
      D) They enjoyed the party better than the other guests.

      A) To the bookstore.
      B) To the dentist's.
      C) To the market.
      D) To the post office.

      A) Dr. Andrews has been promoted for his thoroughness.
      B) She disagrees with Dr. Andrews on many occasions.
      C) Dr. Andrews used to keep his patients waiting.
      D) She dislikes Dr. Andrews as much as the new physician.

      A) Tom is usually talkative.
      B) Tom has a very bad temper.
      C) Tom has dozens of things to attend to.
      D) Tom is disliked by his colleagues.

      A) To pickup the woman from the library.
      B) To make a copy of the schedule for his friend.
      C) To find out more about the topic for the seminar.
      D) To get the seminar schedule for the woman.

      A) The woman has to get the textbooks in other ways.
      B) The woman has sold her used textbooks to the bookstore.
      C) The man is going to buy his textbooks from a bookstore.
      D) The man doesn't want to sell his textbooks to the woman.

      A) Attend a conference.
      B) Give a speech.
      C) Meet his lawyer.
      D) Make a business trip.

      A) Jessie always says what she thinks.
      B) Jessie seems to have a lot on her mind.
      C) Jessie is wrong to find fault with her boss.
      D) Jessie should know the marketing director better.

      A) Helen is talkative.
      B) Helen is active.
      C) Helen is sociable.
      D) Helen is quiet.

      A) Jimmy will regret marrying a Frenchwoman.
      B) Jimmy is rich enough to buy a big house.
      C) Jimmy is not serious in making decisions.
      D) Jimmy's words are often not reliable.

      Section B
      Directions: In this section, you will hear 3 short passages. At the end of each passage, you will hear some questions. Both the passage and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A), B), C) and D) . Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

      Passage One
      Questions 11 to 13 are based on the passage you have just heard.

      A) It can be used by farmers to protect large buildings.
      B) It was brought to the northern USA by Asian farmers.
      C) It has done more harm than good in the southern USA.
      D) It was introduced into the USA to kill harmful weeds.

      A) People will have to rely on kudzu for a living.
      B) They will soon be overgrown with kudzu.
      C) They will become too hard to plough.
      D) People will find it hard to protect the soil.

      A) The farmers there have brought it under control.
      B) The factories there have found a good use for it.
      C) The climate there is unfavorable to its growth.
      D) The soil there is not so suitable for the plant.

      Passage Two
      Questions 14 to 17 are based on the passage you have just heard.

      A) A business corporation.
      B) The universe as a whole.
      C) A society of legal professionals.
      D) An association of teachers and scholars.

      A) Its largest expansion took place during that period.
      B) Its role in society went through a dramatic change.
      C) Small universities combined to form bigger ones.
      D) Provincial colleges were taken over by larger universities.

      A) Private donations.
      B) Government funding.
      C) Grants from corporations.
      D) Fees paid by students.

      Passage Three
      Questions 18 to 20 are based on the passage you have just heard.

      A) He was wounded in the Spanish civil war.
      B) He was interested in the study of wild animals.
      C) He started the organization Heifer International.
      D) He sold his cows to many countries in the world.

      A) To help starving families to become self-supporting.
      B) To make plans for the development of poor communities.
      C) To teach people how to use new skills to raise animals.
      D) To distribute food to the poor around the world.

      A) They should help other families the way they have been helped.
      B) They should offer all baby animals to their poor neighbors.
      C) They should submit a report of their needs and goals.
      D) They should provide food for the local communities.

      A) It has improved animal breeding skills all over the world.
      B) It has helped relieve hunger in some developing countries.
      C) It has promoted international exchange of farming technology.
      D) It has bridged the gap between the rich and the poor in America.



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