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      The importance of speaking skill and how to develop it

      When I need to make a presentation in class, I will feel the importance of speaking ability. For me, I think there are three ways to help myself improve.

      First, I can read and listen to more things. It can give me more ideas before speaking. Second, I have to choose the right thing to say. Even I have a lot of thoughts, I have to keep on time. Last but not the least, I can use some special skills when I speak. For example, I can ask a question or tell a story before my talk. It will make my speech better.

      In the end, I think speaking ability is very important. I can use ways like reading and listening to more things, choose my thoughts and practice some skills to develop it. (134字)


      The importance of speaking skill and how to develop it

      While making a self-introduction or giving a presentation at workplace, the ability and art of speaking cannot be overemphasized. To develop and improve speaking competence, there are three steps to be a successful speaker.

      First, increase your input of reading and listening. It is like to build your own database. You need to have sufficient data before the production. Second, filter the information which is relevant and appropriate for the occasion you are going to talk. At this stage, organization is the skill that should be trained and practiced the most. Finally, find out several oral skills that suit your personal speaking style to polish your talk. Some people are good story tellers; some are statisticians who regard numbers speaks louder.

      To sum up, speaking competencies are of vital importance and need three-step development through receiving, sorting, and polishing. (139字)



      The importance of reading ability and how to develop it.

      We all know that reading ability is very important to our personal development. It not only helps us get information more quickly but also enables us to achieve more from reading. And how can we develop our reading ability? Let’s look at the following three methods.

      First, we should take different skills to read different articles. For example, we can use fast-reading skills to read newspaper or magazines. It saves our time greatly and helps us get useful information. Then, we should prepare a notebook to take down notes and make comments. And in this way, we can understand the materials better. It improve our reading. Last but not least, we should read more to practice. Do not use mobile phones to avoid being distracted.

      I believe if we follow the ways I mentioned above, we can greatly improve our reading and be a more efficient reader.


      The importance of reading ability and how to develop it.

      We all know that reading is important, but not everyone has recognized the fact that one’s reading competence is of equal importance. It not only helps us acquire information more quickly but also improves our reading experiences and outcomes. So how to improve our ability to read? From my perspective, there are three practical ways.

      First, we should learn strategies to meet different reading needs. For instance, we can skim and scan materials when reading for fun. Secondly, keeping a reading journal is recommendable because it encourages us to take notes, comment and reflect. Through this may we benefit more and improve our reading capacity. Finally, the increase of reading capacity also takes time and practice. Therefore, we should read more regularly and read with better habits, like switching phones to silent mode when reading.

      To conclude, the above three methods can all help develop reading ability. One may choose what fits him most and keep reading.



      The importance of writing ability and how to improve your writing

      Writing is a vital index to measure your critical-thinking and language proficiency. Furthermore, writing ability is greatly required in most workplaces. Therefore, you should attach great importance to writing capability. So you may wonder how to improve our writing? As far as I am concerned, there are mainly three steps to be a successful writer.

      Firstly, you should be equipped with the knowledge that what forms a good writing and read a variety of noted articles. Secondly, you'd better analyse their writing structure, grammar and expressions and try your utmost to learn from them. Thirdly, a well-known proverb goes that practice makes perfect. It would be advisable for you to write a short essay every day, ask for suggestions from your teachers, and take an effort to revise and polish what you write.

      To sum up, the significance of writing ability can never be too emphasized. And only by following three steps above can we better our capability to write.

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