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      公交車曾是中國人出行的主要交通工具。近年來,由于私家車數量不斷增多,城市的交通問題越來越嚴重。許 多城市為了鼓勵更多人乘坐公交車出行,一直努力改善公交車的服務質量。車輛的設施不斷更新,車速也有了 顯著提高。然而,公交車的票價卻依然相當低廉。現在,在大多數城市,許多當地老年市民都可以免費乘坐公交車。


      Buses used to be one of the main vehicles for Chinese people. Recently, due to the increasing number of private cars, the traffic problems in cities become more serious. In order to encourage the public to take buses instead of private cars, many cities manage to improve their buses’ quality of service.The facilities of buses have been upgraded, and the speed increased significantly. Meanwhile, the prices of buses remain rather low. Now, in most cities, many local senior citizens can take buses for free.


      Buses used to be the main means of transportation for Chinese. In recent years, since the increase of amount of private cars, the traffic problems in cities have been increasingly serious. In order to encourage people to go out by bus, many cities are continuously improving the service of buses. So the facilities are always renewed and the speed is remarkably promoted. But the ticket prices are still inexpensive, and in most cities, many senior citizens can enjoy free ticket while taking a bus.

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