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      題目來源《Time 》— 《Why Teaching someone else is the best way to learn? 》 文章網址:http://ideas.time.com/2011/11/30/the-protege-effect/

      46.A. Seneca's thinking is still applicable today
      問題:What are researchers rediscovering through their studies?
      問題題干中的“researchers”和“today”是解題的關鍵,對應到文中第一段的“Now scientists are bringing this ancient wisdom up-to-date”。選項中“Seneca’s thinking “ 對應到“this ancient wisdom” ,而“still applicable”對應到“bring…up-to-date”,故答案為A

      47.B. It is a teaching tool under development
      問題:What do we learn about “Betty’s Brain”
      根據“Betty’s Brian”定位,定位到第三段,而該段的段首便強調“ But the most cutting-edge tool under development is the “teaching agent” “ ,意味著整段文字要敘述的主要是和“ tool “有關的信息,且選項中的”under development”和原文信息重合,故答案為B

      48 C. It helps them learn their academic subjects better.
      問題:How does teaching others benefit student tutors?
      根據順序原則,定位區間在第三段中后部分。第三段最后兩句話中“ While prepare to teach” ,“explain the information to others” 對應到“teaching others”,而“ organize their knowledge and improve their own understanding” 以及“identify problems in their own thinking ”則對應到選項中的“ learn their academic subjects better” .故答案為C

      49 D. They use various ways to explain the materials.
      問題:Whatdo students do to teach their teachable agents?
      解析:根據順序原則,定位到第四段。第四段中“ explain the materials in different ways ”恰好與選項中“ use various ways to explain the materials” 為信息的同義改寫,故答案為D

      50 B. Their emotional involvement
      問題:What is the key factor that eases student tutors’ learning?
      解析:根據順序原則,以及“key” 對應到最后一段的第一句話。“key”與“Above all” 為同義改寫,故答案應在此句中出現。“ Facilitate learning ” 對應到題干中“ eases student tutors’ learning”, 而“the emotions one experiences”則對應到選項的“Their emotional involvement”。故答案為B

      版權所有:英語四級考試網 www.www.f5815.com,轉載請注明來源。