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      Bus was an important mode of transportation for Chinese people. In recent years, because the number of private cars has been increasing, the problem of traffic in cities has been more and more serious. To encourage more people to go out by bus, many cities have been trying hard to improve the quality of bus service. The equipment of buses is continually updating, and the speed of buses has been significantly improved too. However, the price of bus tickets is still very low. Nowadays, in many big cities, many local old people can take buses for free.


      Bus used to be a main mode of transportation for Chinese people. In recent years, with the mounting number of private cars, the transportation issue in cities is becoming increasingly severe. Many cites have been making their efforts to improve the bus service in order to encourage more people to take buses when going out. The facilities of buses are updating continually. The speed is significantly improved as well. Nevertheless, bus fares are still quite low. Nowadays, local senior citizens in most cities are eligible for free bus rides.




      詞匯方面,交通工具的表達比較恰當的表達是mode of transportation,翻譯成“traffic tool”其實并不是很妥當。“設施”一詞的對應翻譯“facility”如果不容易想到,可以選擇更容易些的equipment。

      句子方面,首句“公交車曾是中國人出行的主要交通工具。”如果想不到“used to be”這樣比較地道的表達,簡化版表達“Bus was an important…”想到大膽地使用出來。

      長句“許多城市為了鼓勵更多人乘坐公交車出行,一直在努力改善公交車的服務質量。”可以選擇嵌套進一些詞組(in order to)與從句(when going out)來豐富句式,爭取高分,同樣地,希望穩扎穩打的同學選用“To encourage…many cites have….”也是個不錯的主意。



      In the past, for most Chinese people, it was hard to imagine to travel by plane. Nowadays, with the development of economy and improvement of living standards, more and more Chinese people can travel by air, including farmers and people workers outside their hometown. They can take planes to all big cities. Many other cities are also planning to build airports. Air service is continually improving, and there are often flight tickets with special prices. In recent years, the number of people who travel by air on holidays has been increasing.


      In old days, for most Chinese people, it was beyond imagination that we could travel by air. Nowadays, with the advancement of economy and improvement of living standard, there are a growing number of Chinese people, including farmers and migrant workers, are able to afford air traveling. All the big cities are their destinations while new airports are to be constructed in many other cities. Air service is continually improving, and sometimes there will be special offers for air tickets. In recent years, the number of people who choose to travel by air during holidays is constantly increasing.

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