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      News report 2

      Millions of bees have died in South Carolina during aerial insect spraying operations that were carried out to combat the Zika virus. The insect spraying over the weekends left more than 2 million bees dead on the spot in Dorchester County, South Carolina, where 4 travel-related cases of Zika disease have been confirmed in the area. Most of the deaths came from the Flowertown Bee Farm, a company in Summerville that sells bees and honey products. Juanita Stanley who owns the company said the farm looks like it’s been destroyed. The farm lost about 2.5 million bees. Dorchester County officials apologized for the accidental mass killing of bees. Dorchester County is aware that some bee keepers in the area that were sprayed on Sunday lost their bee colonies, county manager Jason Wars said in the statement, ‘I’m not pleased that so many bees were killed’.

      Question 3. Why was spraying operations carried out in Dorchester County?
      Question 4. What does news report say about Flowertown Bee Farm?

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