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      News report 1
      Q1: Who did Edison raise money for?
      答案:B. Her little brother.
      Q2: How did Edison raise money?
      答案:C. By selling lemonade and pictures.

      News report 2
      Q3: What was France’s purpose of constructing the Wattway?
      答案:C. Providing clean energy to five million people.
      Q4:What is special about the solar panels used in the Wattway?
      答案:B. They can be laid right on top of existing highways.

      News report 3
      Q5: What has is made difficult to survey lions in remote parts of Sudan and Ethiopia?
      答案:A. Endless fighting in the region.
      解析:細節題。開頭原則,視聽一致原則。出現了continuous fighting in the region…與選項信息一致,確定答案。
      Q6: What was the main purpose of the research?
      答案:D. To find evidence of the existence of the “lost lions”.
      解析:細節題。目的題,按照順序中段聽到了the discovery of the lost lions內容,以及catch images… / identify lions’tracks,確定答案。
      Q7: What did the researchers find in the national park?
      答案:B. Lions’tracks.
      解析:細節題。視聽一致原則,依據identify lions’tracks, 確定答案.

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