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        1. "may as well not…as"結構,此結構可譯為"與其……不如不……"
        One may as well not know a thing at all as know it but imperfectly.

        2. "have only to …do"結構,此結構表示"只須(消)……就能……"的意思
        We have only to turn to that extraordinary discovery made by Edison to see the significance of it.

        3. "as it were"是一個非常常用的插入語,意思是"好象","可以說"等。
        A piece of iron near a magnet, though apparently separate from it, feels, as it were, the threads of this attachment.

        4. 復雜結構,在下面例句中,由于anyone的定語從句過長,把謂語must realize提到定語從句之前。
        Plainly enough that is too large an order, as anyone must realize who reflects upon the manner in which they reach public office.

        5. "not…any more than…"為:"不能……,正如不能……"。
        One cannot learn to sketch and express himself graphically only by reading about it any more than one can learn to swim while standing by the pool.

        6. "By that as it may"是"Let it be that as it may"的省略形式,是由"be"引起的另外一種假設結構,意思是"雖然如此,盡管這樣"。
        It is said that the nerve poison is the more primitive of the two, that the blood poison is, so to speak, a new product from an improved formula. Be that as it may, the nerve poison does its business with man far more quickly than the blood poison.

        7. "if at all"是一個由"if"引起的主謂結構不完整的短句結為"即使……"等。
        I can see only with great difficulty, if at all.

        8. 由there引起的句型容易產生復雜的句子結構。
        There have been opened up to the vast and excellent science, in which my work is the beginning, ways and means by which other minds more accurate than wine will explore its remote corners.

        9. 某些分隔結構
        1) 動詞短語相關部分被分隔(當"make use of ","take notice of","pay attention to",等動詞短語變成被動語態時)。
        Use is made of solar energy in heating houses.
        But there is of culture another view, in which not solely the scientific passion, the sheer desire to see things as they are, natural and proper in an intelligent being, appears as the ground of it.

        10. "to be doing…when…"是一個句型,多譯為"某人正在做……時,突然……"。在簡單的句子中容易看出,一旦句子變得復雜一些,可能就不太容易識別這種句型。
        She said she and a friend had gone out to dinner that night, and were walking home together at about 10 o'clock, when a "very big, very tall man", accosted them and demanded their purses.

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