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      This advertisement is to sell a computer I used at college. The detailed information is illustrated as the following.

      The brand of the computer is DELL, in silver color. The computer is in good condition, and both its hardware and software can work smoothly. In addition, its CPU and memory devices are also satisfying. You can use it to watch moves, listen to music, and so on. Generally speaking, it can meet your needs equal to a new one at a much lower price. I promise you would love it. I’d like to sell the computer at 2 000 RMB, personally an attractive price.

      If you’re interested in this computer, please contact me at any moment. You can call me at 88800888, or send an email to 88800888@123.com. Thank you very much!



      Direction:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an advertisement on your campus website to sell a bicycle you used at college. Your advertisement may include its brand, specifications/features, condition and price, and your contact information. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


      Second-handed bicycle for sale

      To inform anyone may be interested, I am currently owning a used bicycle for sale. This used bike is a blue medium-sized Giant race bicycle I bought just six months before, which is still in good condition so far without any mechanical breakdowns or potential problems due to my careful maintenance. Most impressively, you can shift the gear of it to change the speed anytime you like accordingly, which makes it reliable and flexible to ride . I am very sure that it will serve as a portable and convenient vehicle for anyone who enjoys traveling and exercising in an environmental way.

      Regarding of the the merits mentioned above, I would like to sell it for two hundred Yuan, which is a totally worthy and economic deal to make. Anyone interested or intend to inquire about please do not feel hesitated to contact Xiao Li. My contact number is 1513729xxxx.

      Xiao Li








      I would like to sell some of the course books I used in college, because I’m going to graduate from college soon. The details of these books are as follows.

      First of all, those books are a set of professional books used by English majors in our school. They are about American literature, including the history of American literature, introduction of American great writers and some excepts from great works like the Old man and the Sea by Hemingway. It was also attached with a CD with some native speakers reading those excepts. What’s more, many graduate schools list this set of books as the reference books, so if you want to apply for a master’s degree, you can use it not only in the class but also for the postgraduate entrance examination. My books are 80% new and are to be sold at half the price of a new set. Don’t miss it!

      If you have any question or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact me. You can call 8654321 or send email to liming@163.com.




      如果你有任何問題或者需要更多信息,請聯系我,你可以撥打8654321或者發送郵件到 liming@163.com。

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