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      Section A News

      1 B. The test driver made A. wrong judgement
      2 D. They have generally done quite well.
      3 A. He works at A. national park.
      4 B. They were making A. lot of noise.
      5 A. The discovery of A. new species of snake.
      6 C. A. snake crawled onto his head in his sleep.
      7 D. From its colour.

      Section B Conversation


      8 A. The security check takes time.
      9 B. By credit card.
      10 A. Give him A. receipt.
      11 D. Posting A. comment on the hotel’s webpage.


      12 C. He has stopped making terrible faces.
      13 D. Warn him of danger by making up A. story.
      14 A. They could break pp’s legs.
      15 B. One would have to shave their head to remove A. bat in their hair.

      SectionC Passage


      16 C. Everything seemed to be changing.
      17 A. Meeting people.
      18 D. He was A. young student in the 1960s.


      19 B. They avoid looking at them.
      20 C. It focuses its eyes on their mouths.
      21 B. By taking in their facial s as A. whole.


      22 D. They resort to different means to survive the bitter cold.
      23 C. They consume the energy stored before the long sleep.
      24 A. By storing enough food beforehand
      25 C. To stay safe

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