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      Q1:本題答案為B。在聽力原文中說到that said, our test driver believed the bus was going to slow or stop to allow us to merge into the traffic, and that there would be sufficient space to do that."

      Q2:本題答案為D。在聽力末尾說到,The company's self-driving cars have done well over a million miles across various states in the US, and until now have only reported minor accidents. 無人駕駛車已經運行得非常好的穿越了美國的各大州,直到現在只有少數小事故。由此可見,總體來說做的比較好。

      Q3:本題答案為A。聽力原文中說到Tom Moses who works at a nearby national par,可知這個人是在附近的國家公園工作。

      Q4:本題答案為B。聽力原文中說I have never seen that many bees in one spot. It was very unusual. They were very close together and there was a lot of noise and movements. 我從沒見過這么多蜜蜂聚集在一個地方。它們靠得非常近,發出很多噪音。

      Q5:本題答案為A。聽力原文第一句點出主旨。A new species of snake has been discovered on a remote island in the Bahamas. 可知是發現了一種新的蛇。

      Q6:本題答案為C。聽力原文中說到One of the creatures made a dramatic appearance by moving on to the head of the team leader as he slept. 其中一種蛇在這位科學家睡著的時候爬到了他的頭部。

      Q7:本題答案為D。聽力原文中說到The snake has been named silver boa because it is metallic colored and the first specimen found was climbing a silver palm tree. 這個蛇被叫做銀蛇因為它金屬般的外表,也就是以其顏色命名。

      Q8:本題答案為C。聽力原文中My flight leaves in less than 2 hours. So, could you tell me, what's the quickest way to get there? 我的航班在兩小時內就要起飛。所以可以告訴我怎么去機場最快嗎?所以原因是兩小時內要起飛,其他選項的原因未提及。

      Q9:本題答案為B。聽力原文中男士說到I'll pay with my credit card.他會用信用卡支付。

      Q10:本題答案為A。聽力原文中男士說到But I'll need a receipt, so I can charge it to my company.他需要一份收據,這樣他可以向公司報賬。

      Q11:本題答案為D。聽力原文中女士問男士would you like to leave a comment on our web page when you have time?她想讓這位先生在他們的網站上寫個評價。

      Q12:本題答案為C。聽力原文中男生說到Ben’s given up making those terrible faces he used to make.本不再做以前那些鬼臉。

      Q13:本題答案為D。聽力原文中男生描述他奶奶說過的話For example, she would say, you will get a spot on your tongue if you tell a lie. 如果你撒了謊,你的舌頭上會出現斑點。所以是在警示他編故事、說謊的危險性。

      Q14:本題答案為A。聽力原文中女生說到The one that used to get me was that swans could break your leg when they blow of the wing. 女生相信天鵝在拍打它們翅膀的時候會使你的腿折斷,即天鵝會折斷人的腿。

      Q15:本題答案為B。聽力原文中男生說他妻子的奶奶告訴她She said her grandmother reckoned you had to shave your head to get it out. 必須要剃光頭才可以取出蝙蝠。

      Q16:本題答案為C。聽力原文中說到I was in my twenties, and everything was being renewed. Renewed是更新的的意思,說明一切都在變化。

      Q17:本題答案為A。聽力原文中說到Meeting people was the thing, and you went to coffee bars where you met friends and spent the evening. 去咖啡廳和朋友見面度過一個晚上,這是最流行的事,was the thing是口語化的表達,意思是很火、很流行。

      Q18:本題答案為D。聽力原文中說到of course, I was a student。說明作者當時是學生。

      Q19:本題答案為B。聽力原文中說到Dogs, man's best friends, have a clear strategy for dealing with angry owners—they look away. New research shows that dogs limit their eye contact with angry humans. 狗是人類最好的朋友,在碰到它們的主人生氣時會走開,避免眼神交流。

      Q20:本題答案為C。聽力原文中說到When dogs looked at expressions of angry dogs, their eyes rested more on the mouth。狗在遇到生氣的同伴時會把眼神關注在對方的嘴巴上。

      Q21:本題答案為B。聽力原文中說到The researchers also note that dogs scan faces as a whole to sense how people are feeling, instead of focusing on a given feature. 研究者們說狗通過整體地看人的臉來判斷人的情緒而不是只聚焦在某一個點上。As a whole表示作為整體。

      Q22:本題答案為D。聽力原文中說到What do animals do? There are three main ways that animals survive the cold in winter: sleep, adapt or migrate. 動物怎么過冬呢?總體上動物有三種方法度過寒冷的冬天,分別是冬眠、使自身適應環境、遷徙。說明動物有不同的方法來應對寒冷。

      Q23:本題答案為C。聽力原文中說到To prepare for this before winter, these animals eat extra food to become fat, which gives them the energy they need while they sleep. 在冬天來臨之前,選擇冬眠的動物會吃更多的食物,這樣可以在它們冬眠的時候給予它們能量。所以冬眠時它們消耗之前儲蓄的能量。

      Q24:本題答案為A。聽力原文中說到So some animals, such as mice, collect extra food before winter, and hide it. When winter comes, they return to their hiding places to eat the food. 像老鼠這樣的動物,它們在冬天之前會采集更多的食物并把食物藏起來。冬天到來后,它們再去藏食物的地方去吃這些食物,即提前儲蓄足夠的食物。

      Q25:本題答案為C。聽力末尾說到Some birds fly in groups for safety, while others fly alone.有些鳥考慮到安全因素成群的遷徙。

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