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      2017.6 四級翻譯題目一:

      黃河是亞洲第三、世界第六長的河流。“黃”這個字描述的是其河水渾濁的顏色。黃河發源于青海,流經九個省份,最后注入渤海。黃河是中國賴以生存的幾條河流之一。黃河流域(river basin)是中國古代文明的誕生地,也是中國早期歷史上最繁榮的地區。然而,由于極具破壞力的洪水頻發,黃河曾造成多次災害。在過去幾十年里,政府采取了各種措施防止災害發生。

      The Yellow River ranks the third longest in Asia and the sixth longest in the world. The word “yellow” describes the muddy water of the river. The Yellow River,one of several rivers for China to live on,originates from Qinghai,flows through nine provinces, and finally pours into the Bohai Sea. The river basin is not only the birthplace of ancient Chinese civilization,but also the most prosperous region in the early history of China. However,due to the frequent devastating floods, it has caused many disasters. In the past few decades,the government has taken various measures to prevent disasters.

      2017.6 四級翻譯題目二:


      The Pearl River, an extensiveriver systeminsouthern China, flows through Guangzhou City. Itis China’s third-longestriver, only after theYangtze Riverand theYellow River. The Pearl River Delta (PRD) is one of the most developed regions in China with an area of about 11,000 square kilometers. It is the largest urban area in the world in both size and population.The nine largest cities of PRDhave a combined population of over 57 million.Since the reform and opening up (economic liberalization) was adopted by the Chinese governmentin the late 1970s, the Delta has become one of the leading economic regions and a major manufacturing center of China and the world.

      2017.6 四級翻譯題目三:

      長江是亞洲最長、世界上第三長的河流。長江流經多種不同的生態系統,是諸多瀕危物種的棲息地,灌溉了中國五分之一的土地。長江流域(river basin)居住著中國三分之一的人口。長江在中國歷史、文化和經濟上起著很大的作用。長江三角洲(delta)產出多大20%的中國國民生產總值。幾千年來,長江一直被用于供水、運輸和工業生產。長江上還坐落著世界最大的水電站。


      The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia and the third-longest in the world. It flows through a wide array of ecosystems and is habitat to several endemic and endangered species. The Yangtze River drains one-fifth of the land area of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Its river basin is home to one-third of the country’s population. The Yangtze plays a large role in the history, culture and economy of China. The Yangtze River Delta generates as much as 20% of the PRC’s GDP. For thousands of years, the river has been used for water, irrigation and industrial production. The largest hydro-electric power station in the world is located in the River.

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