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      1.This is a purely _______ problem, not a political one.
        A. additional B. advantage C. announce D. academic

        2.The _______ TOEFL score for entering this program is 600.
        A. less B. sandy C. stain D. minimum

        3.The best example of a paradox is the proverb ‘More _______, less speed’.
        A. haste B. range C. possession D. purse

        4.This company provides a very good _______ service for its products.
        A. maintenance B. merit C. philosophy D. pigeon

        5.There is more _______ in meat than in vegetables.
        A. dam B. protein C. cash D. bloody

        6.Do not _______ in the exam. This will do you no good.
        A. coin B. disaster C. cheat D. resort

        7.Because of the boring _______, we need to take a vacation every year.
        A. routine B. surgery C. rifle D. sake

        8.We need to _______ the purpose of the experiment again.
        A. clarify B. cheek C. claim D. clap

        9.I _______ great success for my study in this university.
        A. disgust B. proceed C. pioneer D. anticipate

        10.From the _______ from this examination, we know it is too easy for the students.
        A. feedback B. frost C. outline D. overlook

        答案:1.D 2.D 3.A 4.A 5.B 6.C 7.A 8.A 9.D 10.A

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