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      1. You should keep calm during your _______ test. Do not be nervous.
        A. oral B. platform C. rude D. shield

        2. Our guide gave us a detailed _______ of this painting but we still do not understand.
        A. authority B. interpretation C. instruction D. institution

        3. Our _______ is London. But the plane took us to Paris.
        A. departure B. donkey C. destination D. discount

        4. Generally speaking, there is always a generation _______ in every country.
        A. gap B. break C. globe D. equality

        5. Careful planning and hard work will _______ our final success.
        A. enclose B. ensure C. discharge D. deny

        6. He _______ to his roommate for being so rude yesterday.
        A. worried B. doubted C. apologized D. dissolved

        7. When you take a picture, you should _______ carefully to get a sharp picture.
        A. focus B. object C. preserve D. fix

        8. The Chinese food in the United States is usually _______ for American people.
        A. exchanged B. altered C. modified D. cooked

        9. There are _______ approaches to English teaching. But not all of them are equally efficient for our Chinese students.
        A. double B. joint C. orginate D. diverse

        10. He has a bad impression of his _______ in the office.
        A. colleagues B. bullets C. barbers D. audience

        答案:1.A 2.B 3.C 4.A 5.B 6.C 7.A 8.C 9.D 10.A

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