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      兩者比較 ---> 比較兩事物, 要說出其一超過另一個, 或肯定一事物的優點, 也肯定其缺點的時候用
        [1]. The advantages gained from A are much greater than the advantages we gain from B.
        [2]. Indeed, A carries much weight重要度)when compared with B.
        [3]. There is no doubt that it has its negative effects as well as positive effects.

      兩者相同/相似 ------> 比較兩事物共同都有或者共同都沒有的特點時用
        [1]. A and B have several thing in common. They are similar in that.....
        [2]. A bears some striking(顯著的) resemblance(s)( 相似性) to B.

      結論性--------- 通過對文章前面的討論 ,引出或重申文章的中心
        [1]. From what has been discussed above, we may easily draw the conclusion that .....
        [2]. In summary , it is more valuable .......

      后果性------ 揭示所討論的問題若不解決, 將產生的嚴重后果
        [1]. We must call for an immediate method , because the current phenomenon of ... , if allowed to proceed, will surely lead to the heavy cost of .......
        [2]. Obviously , if we ignore/are blind to the problem , there is every chance that .. will be put in danger.

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