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      1.As the graph depicts , …
      2.From the cartoon /picture , we can see that …
      3.According to the statistics shown in the first /second graph ,
      4.The table shows / indicates / reveals that …
      5.It can be seen /concluded from the picture / table / figures that …

      1. "Knowledge is power." This is the remark made by Bacon. This remark has been shared by more and more people.
      2. "Education is not complete with graduation." This is the opinion of a great American philosopher. Now more and more people share his opinion.
      3."...." We often hear statements/words like those/this.
      4. We often hear such traditional complains as this "....".

      1. For years, ...had been viewed as .... But people are taking a fresh look now. With the growing ..., people ....
      2.People used to think that ... (In the past, ....) But people now share this new idea.

      1.Now people in growing/significant numbers are beginning/coming to realize/accept/(be aware) that...
      2. Now there is a(n)growing awareness/recognition of the necessity to....
      3.Now people become increasingly aware/conscious of the importance of ....
      4.Perhaps it is time to have a fresh look at the attitude/idea that....

      1.When asked about..., the vast/overwhelming majority of people say that …. But I think/view a bit differently.
      2. When it comes to ...., some people believe that…. Others argue/claim that the opposite/reverse is true. There is probably some truth in both arguments/statements, but I tend to the former/latter.
      3. Now, it is commonly/generally/widely believed/held/acknowledged that..... They claim/ believe/argue that ... But I wonder/doubt whether.....

      1. Recently the rise in the problem/phenomenon of ... has cause/aroused public/popular/wide/ worldwide concern.
      2. Recently the issue of the problem/phenomenon of ...has been brought into focus/into public attention.
      3. Inflation/Corruption/Social inequality ... is yet another of the new and bitter truth we have to learn to face now/constantly.

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