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      Recently it seems that____________.MANY people,especially___________,think it will certainly do good to_____________because_____________.Moreover,_________.

      Nevertheless,after careful consideration,I have to state that the above view is more than biased,given the following reasons.First of all,____________.Besides,__________.Furthermore,__________.

      We can see clearly that although_________may bring favorable results,there are still problems concerning_______.It seems necessary for ___________to make a careful consideration before________.

      Until recently most people hold hostile attitudes towards_______.Some people view it as_____________while others consider it____________.

      Recent research,however,shows that___________is of great benefit in many respects._________,scientists tell us,_____________.Surprisingly ,____________also_______.The most remarkable thing about_______is that_______.

      Now we can draw the conclusion that_______.I strongly advocate that we should make good use of it to_________.

      In current society,we come across too many people who put much emphasis on __________.In many cases,________has become the sole criterion for judging a person’s__________.

      I argue that we should not put too much emphasis on________.To begin with,we should not take it for granted that those who__________will naturally______________.


      The above discussion points to a fact that_______________.Consequently,it is of vital importance for us to realize that_____________.

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