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      According to the chart / graph / diagram / table, we clearly learn that _________. As early as _________,___________. Then,_________. Last,__________. In contrast, by _________,__________.

      There are many reasons accounting for _________. Firstly, _________.Secondly,__________. Finally,_________. As a result,_________.

      As far as I am concerned,_________. For one thing,__________. For another,________. In brief, I hold that__________.

      What is shown in the chart / graph / diagram / table above indicates that in recent years, more and more people pay attention to _________. The number of those who _________ has increased ________, and furthermore,____________.

      There are two factors responsible for the changes. In the first place,_________. Moreover,__________. Yet, it is noticeable that __________.

      From the analysis, we can safely draw the conclusion that__________. It is possible that in the future, the tendency will__________.

      As is shown in the chart / graph / diagram / table above, __________ has charged drastically in the past _________. While ___________,now the percentage of__________ is __________. Meanwhile, the number of _________ has soared up to ________.

      There are mainly two possible reasons contributing to the rapid changes. The first is that _________. Secondly,__________.

      In my point of view, the changes have a great influence on _________. At the same time,_______. To sum up ,_________.

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