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      據報道,今年中國快遞服務(courier service)將遞送大約120億件包裹。這將使中國有可能趕超美國成為世界上最大的快遞市場。大多數包裹里裝著網上訂購的物品。中國約有百萬在線零售商以及其競爭力的價格銷售商品的機會,僅在11月11日,中國消費者就在國內最大的購物平臺買了價值90億美元的商品。中國有不少這樣的特殊購物日,因此,快遞能在中國擴展就不足為奇了。

        According to reports, this year, China‘s courier service will deliver about 12 billion parcels. This will make it possible for China to overtake the United States as the world's largest express market. Most of the items which were ordered online are contained in the parcels. In China, there are opportunities for millions of online retailers to sell their products with competitive prices. Only on November 11th , Chinese consumers have bought $9 billion worth of goods on the biggest shopping platform. China has many these kinds of special shopping days, so the expansion of courier service in China is not surprising。

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