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      With memories of summer flings fading faster than their tan lines the singletons are bracing themselves for lower temperatures and a dip in their standards.

      Finite relationships are beginning up and down the country as men and women prepare for what is being dubbed as 'the cuffing season', a phenomenon involving lone rangers deciding to 'cuff' themselves to an unwitting partner so they have someone to attend parties with and cuddle up to in winter.

      Many romance experts warn that if you find yourself in a seasonal-specific relationship like this you should beware of forming attachments as come spring you may be dumped.

      An anonymous twenty-something London-based designer added: 'It's a running joke with my friends that every year around autumn time I get a new boyfriend, it's like clockwork. Guys all seem to be looking for a girlfriend in the winter, then in summer no one wants to settle down.'

      But FEMAIL Expert Tracey Cox is a little more optimistic. She says: 'It's absolutely true that people feel more comfortable being single in summer - everyone is a lot more social when the weather is good, so you're less lonely if you're not paired up. Snuggly weather makes you wish for someone to snuggle up with!'

      'But while I think cuffing is a real phenomena, most people do it on a subconscious basis rather than deliberately choosing relationships they assume will only last a few months. '

      'Most of us find it hard to separate our hearts from our heads. A lot of one-night-stands end up turning into long term love, even if we never expected it to!'

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