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      2012.12 英語四級考試真題試卷(第二套)作文

      2012年12月 全國大學英語四級考試真題試卷(第二套)在線真題練習——寫作部分,本站(www.f5815.com)獨家提供,轉載請注明來源于本站!

      Education Pays

      The bar chart given by US Bureau of Labor Statistics reflects the unemployment rate in 2010 among people with different educational backgrounds. From these statistics, it can be seen that the higher degree one possesses, the less likely he is to be unemployed.

      Generally speaking, two factors have contributed to this phenomenon. For one thing, the www.f5815.com technology and the adjustment of industrial structure lead to a dramatic demand of workforces with high educational degrees. Therefore, it is natural for people with higher educational degrees to enjoy a steadier and better-paying job. For another, those with lower educational degrees tend to be dismissed and substituted more frequently because their jobs which usually feature low technologies can be done by anybody.

      As far as I am concerned, education is indeed a worthy investment. First, as individuals, we should attach great importance to education. Second, the government and authorities should adopt relevant measures to ensure the equity of education. Only in this way www.f5815.com get the tickets to a much more comfortable life.




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