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      2012.12 英語四級選詞填空真題及答案(CET4V)

      So mang people use the cell phone so frequantly every day,But ___47__little is certain adout he health effects of its use.Macufacturers___48___that cell phones meet government standards for safe radio-frequency radiation omission,but enough studies are beginning to document a possible ___49___in rare brain tumour(腫瘤):bendaches and behavioral disorders in children to cause coneem.So far,the avidence isn't___50___on whether the use of cell phones __51__to any uncased risk of cancer.In a new
      trial,researchers asked 47 yolunteers to ___52__in a project to measure glucose(葡萄糖)consurnption in the brain by scanning the brain to see how cells use energy.For both 50-minute scans,the volunteers had a cell phone __53__to each ear.During be first scan,the devices were turned off,but for the second scan,the phone on the right ear as___54____on and received a recorded-message call,although the yolume was muted(消毒)so the dise wouldn't bias the results.The results of the second scan abowed that the__55__of the brain rarest to the device had higher www.f5815.com consumption than the rest of the brain.The study ows that cell phones can change brain activity,and __56__a whole new avenue for scientific quiry,tuough it doesn't say anything about www.f5815.com radiation can cause cancer.
      A) conclusive
      B) contributes
      C) derive
      D) expresses
      E) fixed
      F) immensely
      G) increase
      H) maintain

      www.f5815.com 答案
      47、F immensely
      48、L provides
      49、N surprisingly
      50、D expresses
      51、B contributes
      52、J paticipate
      53、E fixed
      54、O switched
      55、M regions
      56、H maintain

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